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Durobex company is a professional industrial floor manufacturer. We produce floors in a comprehensive way according to designs always meeting our customers' demands and preferences. We take into account our investors' requirements and help to properly design high quality floors on the basis of all the relevant data concerning the purpose, ground conditions and expected static and dynamic loads. We specialize in concrete flooring reinforced with steel fibre or mesh reinforcement including impregnated and hard surface floors. We also make concrete sub-bases for epoxy ,floor linings, ceramic tiles, parquet floors and ceilings. Such floors are commonly used in production halls, storage rooms, trade centres, garages, car parks, cold storage rooms, etc.

Our specialist equipment and tools as well as experienced staff make it possible to produce by each of our work teams up to 5,000 m2 of floor space in only one day.
An additional advantage of our company is the ability to produce high accuracy level

  • 1 mm with 2 meter floating rule
  • +/- 2.5 mm over the whole surface

    Both high efficiency and full professionalism guarantee convenient financial terms.

  • Lean-mix concrete layer:

    Due to both economic and technical factors , two layer constructions are the best solutions for industrial hall flooring since single layer floors laid on a sandy sub-grade tend to develop cracks. It should be stressed that the layer of lean concrete must be evenly spread and compacted with a vibrating screed in order to remove air bubble trapped in the concrete layer. This procedure radically increases floor toughness. Professional technique of producing the first layer provides the necessary sub-base, which guarantees optimal use of concrete mix for the main slab. We usually lay the lean concrete layer about 5 to 10 days prior to the making of the main slab depending on the weather conditions. That is why we propose the introduction of the lean concrete layer in our offer.

    Fat layer of concrete slab:

    Durobex floors are called "floating floors" as they are separated from the sub-base by one or two layers of PE films. The foil is used to limit the friction between the concrete slab and the sub-base. If necessary, we also apply FS30 styrofoam to provide thermal insulation between the sub-base and the slab .Having the base properly prepared , B25 concrete mix or some higher type is poured. The concrete used for our floors is usually reinforced with steel fibers because it the most economical solution at present. However, we offer mesh reinforcement to more conservatively minded investors. Finally after cutting off the excess, the concrete is leveled and vibrated by LASER SCREED SXP.

    Slab screeding:

    The laid concrete starts consolidating and becomes a floor. The consolidation time of concrete is varied and depends on a number of factors such as concrete type, plastificators used, air humidity, temperature and others. It important to choose the best moment for the hardeners to be applied : the concrete must be neither too soft or too hard. Highly qualified staff and long experience allow us to state that concrete hides no secrets to Durobex.

    Sealing and finishing:

    After the application of hardeners , the slab is cut into squares of about 6 x 6 metres long
    a third of its thickness deep. It is usually done not sooner than 4 days after pouring the concrete mix. Next the grooves or joints must be filled with sealants but this cannot be performed earlier than 28 days after floor construction. All the floors manufactured by Durobex are impregnated , however it is recommended that the floors should be always kept clean as tiny sand grains will scratch the floor surfaces and ,as a result, shorten their lifetime.

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